Monday, November 16, 2009

2012 - Possible spoilers!

A few weeks ago we won a couple of tickets to an opening weekend private screening of Roland Emmerich's apocalyptic film 2012. Even if you are not familiar with Emmerich, you probably have seen or heard about his work, namely Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow. Claiming that this would be his last disaster movie, Emmerich decides to throw everything in: Where he put half of the US in ice age in his previous movie, he went ahead and sunk the whole country in this one.

In a nutshell, 2012 is about the world coming to an end due to a catastrophic calamity caused, in part, by our sun. Much of the story follows the journey of Jackson Curtis (portrayed by John Cusack) and his family in their bid to survive the event. On the other hand, there is also the unfolding White House drama, complete with the villainous politician and heroic scientist.

2012 is pretty much the formulaic disaster movie one would come to expect: over the top destruction sequences, inappropriately comedic moments, impossible odds and the corny speech that inspires everyone in the movie but the audience.

Without a doubt, the visual effects are astounding, but that's about the only merit I'm willing to give the film. Gone are the human dramas that actually intrigue us nor any sense of impending doom because we all know that the main characters will always come out on top despite incredible odds. But going into an Emmerich film, one would be foolish to expect anything else. I have come to consider it an impressive 158 minutes long visual effects showreel.

If you're looking for mindless fun and loud thrills, 2012 is for you. Just remember to check your brain at the ticket counter.

View trailer below:


  1. I think Independence Day is all the farther I will venture. I guess if I am on a really up day, I could go see it, but I think it would be somewhat discouraging. Your right though sometimes, check your brain, and just enjoy. That is like all those dinosaur movies.

  2. Thanks for the review. I am looking forward to seeing New Moon sometime soon. Though I've heard a few discouraging reviews for it as well.

    At times the darkness of the theater is all your mind needs to relax irrespective of how boring the movie is.

    Long time since I heard from you. stay in touch buddy :)


  3. L.D.Burgus: At the end of the day, maybe we should just take it as what it is, a piece of entertainment and nothing else :D

    Chatterbox: I totally agree with you. Sometimes it's not all about the movie ;)