Thursday, November 26, 2009

Vacancy - Neighbour needed

First of all, I feel I owe my readers an apology for the lack of updates on this blog. Work life always catch up with me when I am having fun, and when it does it is often relentless. In any case, I promise I will try my best to post something new at least twice or thrice a week.

I just read about Chatterbox's nosy neighbour from her blog post and it reminded me about the owner of the piece of land next to my house. At first, we learnt that our supposed new neighbour makes dumpling for a living. He was thinking of tearing down the dilapidated wooden house that was occupying the land and build a new one. Later, rumors has it that he was not doing well financially and health-wise, and thought that the piece of land and the house is cursed. Last we heard, he was looking for a new buyer.

Even though his affairs are none of our business, the abandonment of this plot of land next to ours brought us a lot of problems. Unchecked, the grass were growing out of control and became breeding grounds for rats and snakes. Especially troublesome were the rats who would pay our house a visit every night. As a result, we can't put the food around the house like we used to, not even our dog biscuits. All foodstuffs have to be placed inside a container or a locked cupboard. We even have to install another layer of netting around Rabbit's cage to keep the rats out. Mouse traps were set around the house but it looks like they are getting smarter and not that easy to bait now.

I suppose one of the neighbours contacted him about the problem and every now and then he would send someone to have a look and cut the grass. The situation has improved somewhat, but it is still an eyesore in our neighbourhood.


  1. Hello Pheeb, I hope it sorts out soon!

  2. That's a pretty serious problem.
    I hope it gets sorted out soon.

    Take care dear :)

    It was a pleasure to see you around after a while.

    Stay in touch & I hope you and your family are having a wonderful time this Thanksgiving.


  3. Joy: Thanks Joy!

    Chatterbox: Thanks Chatterbox for your support. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too. Yes, please keep in touch :D

  4. It makes life trying to have such a thing going on. We are a half a block away from farm land and we get mice in when the crops are first harvested but after the first freeze nothing else comes from it. My other neighbor keeps a permanent wood pile that keeps me in garter snakes. I hope that a new person can buy it for the sake of your property.

  5. I hope this situation gets resolved soon for your sake. Sorry to hear that this neglect is persisting.