Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Love Letters

No, it's not the "love letters" that you may think... It's a type of biscuit that we usually eat during Chinese New Year. The locals call it Kueh Kapit. It's basically made out of coconut milk, eggs, sugar, rice flour, tapioca flour and water. The most tedious part in making love letters is the cooking process. You coat a thin layer of the batter on the pre-heated mould and put it on your barbecue stove and make sure you diligently check it from time to time and turn the other side to cook as well. Once it turns brownish, you can take it out from the mould and quickly fold it to your liking, we folded it to a quarter, before it turns rigid and fragile. It's a very thin, crunchy, crispy, sweet biscuit that's very addictive. Make sure you have enough air-tight containers to store them because it takes up quite a lot of space. You can easily get this from the store nowadays, but to us, it's the process of making it as a family that makes it so enjoyable albeit it's quite tiring at the end of a long day, sitting near the HOT stove.

Close-up of a love letter made by an amateur (me).

Free sauna for everyone!!

Trust me, it's too hot to use your bare hands!

50 more and we'll have a can-ful !

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