Thursday, October 22, 2009

A fist full of hare

There are almost as many pets in my home as there are people. We have four dogs, sometimes six when 4E needs to sit for her friend's two dogs.

About 7 months ago, we added a rabbit to the family. Due to our lack of experience in naming rabbits, he was eventually named...Rabbit.

Rabbit came to us as a one week old baby:

We love to hold him like this in our hands and go all gaga over the him.

When he was about one month old, we discovered that he was shedding fur excessively, especially around the feet where the skin has become crusty and flaky, courtesy of mite infestation. After a couple of agonizing months and three vets later, on top of 4E's unwavering patience and TLC (not to mention hundreds of $$ in vet fees), he was finally cured.

Note the crusty hind feet.

Today, Rabbit has grown up to become a handsome young furball.

He is a pretty moody bunny, and not very fond of wood shavings.

Embarrassingly, we always thought that HE was a SHE until a few weeks ago, when his male parts begin to emerge from his fur.

In the past couple of months, Rabbit has become 4E's favourite furry companion. In fact, my sisters and I have often lamented that Rabbit feeds better than us, which might not be an exaggeration.


  1. Yay! What a happy-making blog you have!

  2. He's so adorable! It's so nice to know that you take such good care of him!

  3. I liked the way you so innocently named the rabbit as "Rabbit".
    I grew up with a bunch of pet rabbits, and just like you I named them all "Bunny". Yeah, one was "Mama Bunny" and all the rest ( 4 of them) just "Bunny".
    They are a bundle of joy and just too cute.
    Loved those cute pics, they reminded of my childhood fun times with the Bunnies.

  4. Hey Pheebs,

    Rabbit is just adorable! He reminds me of a bunny I had when I was a little girl.

    I enjoyed my visit here. You have a very nice blog.

  5. kittyknitter: Hope it made you happy ;D!

    FL&B: Thanks! Most of the credit must go to my sister, 4E, though.

    Chatterbox: Lol! Where's Dada Bunny?

    Susie: Thanks Susie :D

    Ironically, while I'm typing this comment, the google ads in the sidebar is peddling "Rabbit Repellant" :o.

  6. awwwww...soo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!

  7. We had a rabbit that was liter box trained!! Cute..

  8. I am so glad that He is better and the crusty stuff is gone. It is such a sweet rabbit and being white makes it so much more special.. Nice blog.

  9. Psych Babbler, Sorcerer, L.D.Burgus : Thanks!

    Darla: How do you litter train a rabbit?

  10. Hi Pheebs, welcome and thanks for following my blog. I love rabbits, I reared when young but they sure are smelly. I had a garden then so it was fine. Just dumb them in the pen in the backyard, now living in an apartment there is a lot you can't do. Hope to see u soon! cheerio

  11. I know how it's like living in an apartment. Because I like animals, that's a major downside if I ever do live in a high-rise residence.

  12. OH So sweet! We have ZERO pets right now. We had an adorable puppy not long ago who was hit by a car...and we live almost a mile from the nearest paved road! I hope we will get another pet someday soon!

  13. Sorry to hear about your puppy. Pets are a great addition to a family, hope you will find a new one soon.