Friday, October 30, 2009

Asam Laksa

If you are a Malaysian, you will definitely know what is Asam Laksa. It's a soup based noodle that tastes sourish, spicy and sweet. Asam literally means tamarind in English and Laksa refers to the thick rice noodles. The ingredients consist of laksa noodles, shredded mackeral fish, sliced cucumbers, onions, chillies, pineapples, mint leaves and sweet thick shrimp paste. As you can guess from the ingredients, the dish pretty much include the entire gamut of taste sensations, although it is dominantly spicy and sour. If you like your Laksa to be more zesty you can always squeeze in more lime, which is usually provided (as shown in the picture above, on the spoon).

I am always on the look out for good Asam Laksa and fortunately in Malaysia, there are no short of restaurants or hawker centers that offers a variety of tasty and unique blends, some with slightly different ratios of sourness and spiciness.

These pictures were taken at a Hawker center in Cheras, KL. The stall is operated by a middle-age gentleman and for RM 4.00, the ingredients are pretty generous. I'd say as far as KL goes, this is one of my favourite Asam Laksa stall.

If you like to give it a try, you can find the stall at these coordinates in google maps: 3.082721,101.737056

Fishy goodness.



  1. I adore soups like this one, with a diverse of flavors. They are so savory and comforting!

  2. It sounds like an interesting combination of flavors. I would think you would get a little confused as to which flavor to expect. Asia sour soups are really sour but I can imagine putting sweet shrimp in it would be good.

  3. This is just what I feel like today! I wish I could reach out and pick this up and have it for lunch!

  4. Fresh Local and Best: That's why I like it so much!

    L.D.Burgus: Alhough I'm used to eating this kind of food, sometimes I do come across some extremely spicy and sour dish that I can't even eat at my normal pace.

    Joy: Makes me wonder..Can you find this kind of food over there?

  5. Mmmm, makes my mouth water. Never had asam laksa, don't think we have it in Manila!

    Will try have some when I go to Sydney next month!

  6. Can never get enough of Assam Laksa! :-)

  7. Lady San Pedro: Not sure they have it in Sydney, though.

    Rita: Me too, just by thinking of it makes me salivate!