Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Best of 4E

My eldest sister, nicknamed 4E is our home's resident baking pioneer. She bakes every recipe that she can get her hands on; cookies, pies, cakes...etc.

Basically, there are two versions to her food; the healthy ones and the less healthy ones.
The healthy ones use natural and wholesome ingredients, whereas the less healthy versions are...well, less natural and wholesome. Most of the times, of course, the less healthy ones taste better... :P

She is one of those few people in this world who doesn't taste her own products. But I must say, some of the cakes and cookies are exquisitely delicious!

If you have never baked a cake before, let me tell you, there are a lot of work involved. You need to buy the ingredients from the store; weigh them on the scale; incorporate them together which usually will be much easier to do if you have all the high-tech machines; and the worst of all, cleaning and washing all the greasy utensils which sometimes need a few washes to get rid of the oil and butter. Just thinking about it makes me tired.

Here are some pictures of her pastries that I pilfered from her mobile phone:


  1. great cakes and the banana omelette is pretty cool Rebecca

  2. Your sister is a talented cook. Thanks for wishing me happy birthday.

  3. Thanks Rebecca and Yiota. My sis will be very happy to see your comments :D