Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mint Condition

While I'm no expert in gardening, I do like to plant something now and then. The picture below are the mints I planted today. Not sure what type of mint, spearmint perhaps?

You're not suppose to take pictures with front on angles like this, so I am told. But anyway....

Another batch my sister planted some time ago.

On another note, the chilies that I am attempting to grow seems to be dying (again). If you have any tips as to how I can salvage them, please let me know!

Weed, formerly known as Chili.


  1. Lovely mint! I think it is spearmint, judging by the pointed leaves.
    Poor little chili... not enough sun? too much water? I don't know...
    Better luck next year!

  2. I suspect it's the soil since the weather here is pretty consistent throughout the year...but I'm not sure.

  3. Aw! I'm sorry I don't have any advice for your chilies. However, I will say a prayer for them. Hopefully, I can do some research and help you out before it's to late.

  4. loved the pics of the fresh mint leaves :)
    My chilly plants haven't been growing taller than a couple of inches.Though I did all in my capacity to make them flower & fruit. Spring came and yet no good. It's summer time at my end and I can see my chilly plants almost drying up.

    I'd like suggestions on chilly plants too.

    Let's pray and hope the very best for our chilly plants Pheebs :)

  5. i'm not much of a gardening expert, but that's some pretty mint!

  6. First time here. Absolutely love your blog. You have a good thought collection and I admire the way you like gardening.
    I have been to KL some years back. You have a pleasant weather. So mints can grow easily. But always chilies need more care. I have grown the green chilly plant from the seed of dry red chillies, I get from grocery shop. And they have yielded a bulk for an year.
    If you cannot get a good seed, then buy a plant from nursery...that may be of good breed. Moreover yours seem to have yellow leaves..may be I guess...they have been over watered or under heavy rain. In that condition the water will rinse the nutrients from soil. So we can dissolve 2 tbsp common salt in buttermilk ...keep it overnight and pour to the roots. Its a granny's advice and has helped me. Egg shell, first rinse water from fish / any non veg, shrimp shell , 1 beaten egg, onion peel are the preferable fertilizers:)
    But google more to get the right advice. Best wishes.

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog. Your mint looks very attractive. The chilli seems to have been overwatered. Stir the soil around the roots and leave it without water for a couple of days.Then Cut the tops and water it as usual.This treatment might help.

  8. Sorcerer: Yay!

    lotusleaf: Thanks so much for the advice. Overwatered seems to be the reason, it's been raining quite heavily for a few weeks now.

    Viki: Thanks for the detailed instructions, your comment is enormously informative for a newbie gardener like me.

    Teresa: Thanks!

    Chatterbox: Viki and lotusleaf has left some very useful advices here, perhaps we can give it a go.

  9. Thank you Viki and lotusleaf for the wonderful advise. I'll definitely do something for my Chilly plants soon.