Monday, October 19, 2009

Wonton Noodles

On Sunday morning, I went out for brunch with friends. Not wanting to spend another meal eating fast food, we decided on the next best alternative given the location that we were at (near Cheras Leisure Mall, KL), a Wantan Mee specialty restaurant.

Wonton noodles, also known as wantan mee to locals, is a popular Cantonese noodle dish in Asian countries such as Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. As the name suggests, the dish consists of the noodle and the wontons, which is the name of a kind of Chinese dumpling that contains prawn or meat. The dish is usually garnished with leafy vegetables and char siew (roasted pork).

The bowl of soup on the farside of the noodle plate contain the Wantans. The reddish meat on the top of the noodles are the Char Siew. The beverage on the side is what Malaysians call the "Michael Jackson". Don't ask why.

As far as Wantan Mee goes, the noodles are suitably chewy but a bit too sticky for my liking. The Char Siews are the usual fare, if not slightly overburnt. What makes this serving special are the prawn Wantans, which are larger than the usual ones you'll find elsewhere.

As I have forgotten to shoot a close up of the Wantan, here's a makeshift illustration of it's size:

What a Wantan looks like (from

The size of the Wantan I had.

If you have never tried this dish before because you do not reside in any of the aforementioned countries, I wholeheartedly recommend that you seek out your local Chinatown and see if they have any stalls or restaurants that offers it. If you have and you live in KL, this restaurant offers an adequate tastebud experience, although I'm sure there are better ones in town.


  1. Oh, that looks delicious. I sometimes order wonton soup at the local restaurants, but I bet it's nothing like the wontons there.

    How do you feel about Vietnamese pho?

  2. I've never tried Vietnamese Pho, but it looks tasty from what I've googled.

    This gives me an idea, I'm gonna blog about another type of local Chinese beef noodle soon :)

  3. I know where I am going for dinner tonight Chinatown in Philadelphia!!! I am really enjoying your blog and glad that I stumbled upon it so to speak.

  4. Thanks for stumbling by ;D
    Have a great meal tonight!